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Zealest Bag Strap

What do we love most about the ‘Zealest Bag Strap’ the most? You get the best of both worlds - two straps in one.

You can use the side with simple black and white lines to create a casual look, or go for an unbeatable dark yet classy look.

On days you are feeling wilder and more rebellious, go ahead and switch to the side with abstract black and white print. At the end of the day the most important thing is to choose what makes YOU feel more aligned with yourself; both in life and fashion.

  • Nylon B&W double print pattern strap
  • 5cm x 120cm
  • Black premium cruelty-free eco PU on the ends
  • Adjustable alloy gold clips

So step up your style game without having to spend extra money on buying new bags. Our easy-to-attach bag straps are made of premium quality cruelty-free materials and are just a click away from becoming a part of your collection.