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Pretty in Pearlest Bag Strap

The right style for you is the one that resonates with the vibe of your soul. It is time to let your style speak for you. Calling out all lovers of white to get your hands on our trend-setting ‘Pretty Pearlest’ white bag straps.

Elevate your regular bag with our pearly white strap, go bold by contrasting it with a coloured bag or experiment with one of Elevar's signature bags. Because you are in charge of your style game.

  • 3cmx120cm
  • Premium cruelty- free eco PU material
  • Adjustable alloy gold clips
  • White stap, embedded beautifully with delicate pearls

Why switch bags when you can make a statement by simply switching the bag straps? Our beautifully made bag straps are made of premium quality cruelty-free materials and can be easily attached to any bag (that has adjustable clips).