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A B O U T.

Holla! I'm Leisha, a 23 y/o aspiring entrepreneur from Wollongong, Australia.
As much as I adore fashion and styling, I always found it quite difficult to keep up with the latest trends, especially with the all the costs associated buying handbags - I felt like I needed to constantly buy a new handbag for different events, occasions and outfits.
It wasn't until I had discovered that I could adjust and change the bag straps on one of my bags; that I thought to myself - why spend money on changing your entire bag to achieve different styles when all you can do is just change the strap?
And Elevar. was formed - booyah! 
I now use two of my Elevar. bags that can pull of six different looks with our bag strap range - for me, that means I can pull of multiple styles without having to break the bank!
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So! At Elevar. we make bag straps that take personalised fashion to the next level, that encourage sustainable choices - more straps, less bags.

We take pride in our ethical production, as our products are made of premium cruelty-free materials.
We cater to a wide range of styles with our unique bag straps, giving people the freedom of expression to elevate their outfits and to explore their personal fashion voice without breaking the bank.
P.S - For those who don't have adjustable dog clips on their handbags, we have provided two unique styles so you're able to adjust the bag strap!
Raise your standard of fashion with our range today.