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When British Vogue Reached Out To Elevar Style...

When British Vogue Reached Out To Elevar Style...

I’m still seriously pinching myself over this opportunity!

And yet, no matter how many times I read the title above and still think, “surelyyyy not” – when really, this is reality.

In all honesty, to be featured in Vogue was quite frankly, something I never thought I was capable of achieving, more so because:

  • Elevar Style is still a new, upcoming brand that has only been around for 9 months
  • I had the impression only brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton were only featured 🤣  (and boy was I wrong about this).

I’ve been asked by several people, “how did you get in Vogue?”, “what was the process?” So, allow me to run you through how this opportunity came about.



Let’s set the scene shall we? (anything to add anticipation to the story).

It was a Wednesday night (ok, I’m only assuming here), I was preparing dinner; risotto, that is, (ok #2, really setting the scene well here) and my phone lit up as I  received a message via the contact page on Elevar Style's website that is shown below.


*Me first glancing at the message: Experienced approx. 3 x seconds of an intense heart drop + a rush of adrenaline. "Could this really be tru-"

*Me 3 x seconds later: "Nah, defo a scam."


So, I happened to convince myself after the short, 3 x second impulse of excitement, that, it was actually a scam. I didn’t want to get my hopes up for nothing, right? Especially when its to do with Vogue. That’s right. VOGUE. 

I knew the only way to confirm this was to take it to email, I wanted to see if:

  • They would reply
  • Their email signature included Vogue’s details

And long behold, they met the above two criteria ^

Now those 3 x seconds of initial excitement I had experienced when, for a split second, I thought it was truly Vogue, now turned into an endless feeling of excitement as this was really and truly happening. (And mind you, that excitement still has not left me to this day!).



This is when it truly sunk in that I was in contact with British Vogue. When I was sent the Vogue Style Set Deck and knew this was the real-deal. A phone call was also arranged between myself and the Senior Sales Executive at British Vouge, which made it the real-deal even more!

And just when I thought Elevar Style was going to be featured in ONE magazine, I was presented with the offer to be featured in THREE. Say whaaaaaaat? I was honestly over the moon and beaming with happiness at this opportunity, until I realised, I'm going to have to decide on three photos to send through! But exactly...what photos? And who do I choose?



I had some people suggest to me that I should be featured in the photo? My response was either a hell no or not a f***** chance 🤣. I ain’t no Kendall or Zendaya over here!! But all I knew was I wanted to give someone the opportunity to be featured in Vogue. However, it had to be someone who truly deserved it

Before I delve into the story about how I narrowed my choices down to choose this particular person, all I can say, is that when you're a kind and generous person, it will take you a long way, as these are the reasons why I chose Ellie, also known as 'El' (@el_archambault) to represent Elevar Style in British Vogue.

And once again, I had several people ask me “Why did you choose El” more so, out of curiosity, and allow me to tell you why!

El was one of the very first content creators I had worked with, and whilst majority of the content creators I had worked with in the past were nothing but amazing, El however, really stood out to me.


Instagram: @el_archambault


Not only is El incredibly talented at her job, (honestly have a solid stalk of her insta, it’s incredible!), she also portrayed herself as the kindest, most generous, bubbly and outgoing girl, whilst, still upholding a high level of professionalism throughout her work. Working with El felt like I was working with and communicating with a close friend, vibes were always high!

The really odd thing is, is that I still remember in the back of my mind El posting a photo with the caption “Vogue Dreaming” as you can see below. And little did El know she was manifesting this dream.




The same excitement I felt when I realised Vogue was the real-deal was equivalent to telling El about the opportunity!

And exactly how did the call go?

1) *Told El about the opportunity

2) * El cried

3) *I cried

(repeat step 2 and 3 at least 4 times)

*Lots of screaming of happiness*



I wish I recorded the conversation, El’s reaction was priceless, it really did go to show I chose the perfect model for this opportunity.

We were fortunate enough to squeeze the shoot in between lockdowns, as we had just only come out of a 2-week lockdown, with a one week (I guess you could say) ‘interval’ before heading into yet another lockdown that we are still currently in, as we're both based in Melbourne. We were incredibly grateful that we managed to squeeze the shoot in, with only 2 days left until the photos were due too!



The shoot for Vogue was definitely one of my favourite days. I was surrounded by my beautiful, supportive friends, and was so fortunate enough to have friends that specialise in videography, photography, makeup and hair that got to help me out on the day too! The day was filled with love, laughter, good banter, and most importantly, great pics!

Shoots are always fun! But when the time comes that you have to narrow your photo selection down from 400 to 1 - its nothing but stressful! Especially when I loved all 400 too.

*submits all 400 photos to Vogue* - lol, I wish at the time

After hours of browsing, pulling fingers through hair, staring into space, tearing the kitchen apart hoping to find chocolate to use as a stress reliever (which I couldn’t find fml), we FINALLY came down to the final two options (shown below).


Option #1

Option #2


I decided to put a poll on both my personal and business account to get as many opinions as I possibly could. And wow. Were the votes close, and when I mean close, we’re talking 1%!

And the outcome was… *drumroll please*




As much as I loved both photos, I knew this was the winner! And British Vogue agreed too x.

And for someone who is impatient as hell (cheeky fire sign for you), with wanting to share the news straight away, but instead, had to wait 6 weeks until I could, goes to show I  deserve some kind of discipline award for being able to hold a secret like this in for so long!

Fast forward to September 10th, Elevar Style was featured in British Vogue under the ‘Style Set’ editorial page. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, it somehow did. And that was, ZENDAYA was the cover for the October Editorial. An actual icon! And I’m sure we can all agree on that too.


October British Vogue Front Cover: ZENDAYA


Style Set Page. Spot Elevar Style at #15



“What an opportunity!” is all I can say.

 An opportunity I will be forever grateful for.



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