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Top 4 Benefits Of Vegan Leather!

Top 4 Benefits Of Vegan Leather!

If you heard about ‘Vegan Leather’ 10-15 years ago, you would honestly think “now say whaaaat now” and fast forward to today, you will now start to notice Vegan Leather is pretty much everywhere! It is an upcoming and rising trend for many Fashion Brands (just like ourselves 😉  ) to use Vegan Leather across their range. Elevar is proud to say that we use 100% premium cruelty-free (fancy wording for Vegan Leather – don’t mind if I do) materials across our range – no hidden nasties, and no harming our beloved animals and the environment – and we are about to delve into the Top 4 Benefits with using Vegan Leather!



1) Animal Friendly

Using vegan leather over standard leather materials is an important step towards sustainability and preserving beautiful mother nature. It is important to prioritise the welfare of all living creatures in this beautiful world, and that starts with vegan leather. 


2) Environmentally Friendly

Beware of them nassssty chemicals in some materials! With authentic leather, it requires extensive treatment before manufacture, and with these harmful (or shall we say “nassssty”) chemicals hard both the environment, as well as reducing the biodegradability of the leather also. However with the almighty vegan leather, it combines textiles and polyurethane to create a rather authentic leather that is much less damaging to the environment.


3) Durability

If you want your products lasting a long time, lemme tell y’all something – vegan leather is the way to go for longevity and durability! Vegan leather is extremely durable as it is water-resistant and stain-resistant! – Phew! No matter what, your Elevar products are going to be o-k. Vegan products – like our own, are known to suffer minimal wear and tear over time.


4) Vegan leather requires less water

Animal leather requires a lot of water and I mean aloooot. With the vast amounts of water required to keep the cattle and other animals alive in the first place plus the water used in the skin preparation tanning and finishing processes of animal leather production, the overall water footprint of animal leather is huge! For every metric ton of animal leather produced, 20 000 – 80 000 litres of polluted wastewater is generated (me stumbling across these numbers likeee: 😱)


5) Vegan leather creates less carbon dioxide emissions

Vegan leather produces a fraction of the amount of Co2 than animal leather does. So if you all want less co2 in this world… you know what to do💁‍♀️




Is it time you give your handbags new life? Discover our 100% Premium Cruelty-Free Range (or shall I say Vegan Leather 😏 ) below!

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