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Dreaming big? Achieve your most "unrealistic" dreams with these 4 simple steps!

Dreaming big? Achieve your most "unrealistic" dreams with these 4 simple steps!

You know those big dreamers, that had dreams and goals so big, it almost seemed impossible, or rather, ‘out of this world’ to achieve? And for those who have achieved their dreams and goals, know it did not come easy for them.

If you like to dream big, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll face criticism. This is something I have definitely noticed whenever I read or listen to a podcast about how successful people had to deal with criticism along their journey to success. This criticism had only made them stronger into wanting to achieve their goals and dreams like ever before.



But sometimes, the most damaging criticism often comes from within. Dreams can be destructed through own self-doubt. And self-doubt leads to little or no motivation to make those dreams and goals a reality. So, if you’re a self-doubter or unmotivated as your goals and dreams may be too ‘unrealistic’, then this one’s for you.


How to Dream Big?

Ever wondered how to achieve big things in life? It all starts with big dreams.

Below discloses what it means to dream big and how to keep going in the face of criticism, fear and self-doubt.


What Does it Mean to Dream Big?

Ever had a dream so big that it sets your heart on fire and makes you come alive? That’s the dream you should put all your focus and energy towards.

For myself, I had a dream without even realising it was coming into play. I wish I could tell you all what this dream is, and how it all panned out, but that will have to wait until September 10th! So, stay tuned until then.

Your wild ambitions will most likely, make you uncomfortable and/or freak you out. And what does this mean? You’re on the right track. A big dream is about wanting more, expecting more, and knowing you can do more than what anyone would call “realistic”.

We have come up with 4 both simple and effective steps to achieve big dreams.



1) Frame your dreams, or create a vision board

You can’t be what you can’t see. Make your dream real by viewing it in your mind’s eye. You will want to get as vivid and specific as possible, and then translate that dream/goal to mind either in words or photos. Pinterest is a great way to create mood boards/vision boards, this will act as a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals. According to research by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down/see them visually.


2) Ignore the negativity

If you have the goal to become a successful entrepreneur, or even wanting to climb Mt. Everest, now, would you take advice from someone who hasn’t done it before? N-O-P-E. Don’t solicit feedback from people who just want to shoot down your dreams.


3) Surround, and educate yourself with positive examples

Allow yourself to feed your mind with inspiration and positive stories of people who’ve achieved unrealistic dreams. This can take form in a blog post, podcast, or even books from someone who’s been there, done it all before. Finding role models that align with your goals is one of the most effective and powerful ways to transcend your own limiting beliefs.


4) Take action

Taking action (beyond simply showing up) is the key to achieving your dreams and goals. Making a plan is meaningless if you don’t shift towards action. Remember it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect, all that matters is that you keep moving forward!

Clearly define those dreams, shut down the haters, surround yourself with inspiration, imagine a life you love, and keep moving forward. Step, by step — that’s how all great things are achieved.



These four simple strategies will allow you to combat not only the negativity from others, but your own inner voice too, that can keep you playing small. And remember, no one has ever changed the world without dreaming big.


Now it’s time to take action for yourself, and allow your dreams to come to life.

For this, grab a notepad and pen and answer the following:

  • What ‘unrealistic’ dreams am I working on bringing to life?
  • If you can’t think of any, write down three dreams you wish to achieve, and write down a method-like step by step to show how you are going to achieve this dream
  • What is stopping you from achieving your goals and how can this be resolved
  • Finish off by stating “my success is inevitable, I am always on the right path.”
  • Create a vision board of all your dreams and attach a certain emotion to each. For example, a photo of London can be attached to a vision board with the feeling ‘accomplished’ attached to it


Always know, that you can achieve anything and everything. No one else is stopping you from achieving these dreams and goals…but you.

Ready to take action?

It's a hell yes from me.



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