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3 Tips on Learning How to Sustain the Social-Work-Life-Party (*takes deep breath) Balance Mantra

3 Tips on Learning How to Sustain the Social-Work-Life-Party (*takes deep breath) Balance Mantra

Eat. Sleep. Socialise. Party (maybe eat again, hehe). Repeat.

That pattern above was me living my best life whilst moving out of the home. I decided to move interstate to the most amazing and liveable city, Melbourne. I am still having the time of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for it. Honestly, I think Melbourne needs to turn it down a little, when it comes to the vibe, culture, food, music (my leg still hurts you know), people and even nightlife, I can assure you that it's something else. Since I moved, I have been on cloud 9 and the feeling is still very much alive.

As much as I have enjoyed my time here in Melbourne, I distanced myself from Elevar. I spent most of my time handling a full-time marketing role and took up some freelancing marketing work. I went out more, became a sucker for dinner parties and loved nothing more than spending quality time with my new circle of friends. Elevar was never included in any of these. And yuppp, I felt like Elevar was the awkward one waving outside the social circle, more like, helloooo b****, remember me?" - I'm redeeming myself now as you can see.


I always consoled myself all the time by saying "I'll do the work tomorrow" but tomorrow never seem to have come. I then kept thinking to myself, "find balance".

Balanced life: Making time for the things you have to do, as well as the things you want to do.

Wow, I'm literally mind-blown. So, I kept on creating time for things I wanted to do rather than creating time for the things I have to do. But there is a solution for this! I once heard a lot of self-help podcasts constantly talking about how one should start the day with the number one activity you don't want to do (it sucks a** at first, but trust me, it gets easier!) It's quite funny because I ended up doing the opposite. I never heed to those instructions until now (obviously!). So since I'm now back in the game, I'd like to share 3 lil tipzz to help you regulate this same situation. These points will help you manage that social-work-life-party mantra - been there, done that. xo


1) Take one step at a time.

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". But hollup! I ain't taking no giant leaps just yet (soz mankind). As much as we would love to see equal balance across all social-work-life-party mantras, it's just not feasible and it takes time. When you tell this to a fire sign (a.k.a me), best believe me, it doesn't go down well - we're impatient mother f****s. So chicks and dudes, every time you see small improvements please acknowledge them, reward yourself and take note of your improvements!

For myself, I have 7 daily activities I aim to achieve every day, one being, "Work on Elevar". I then keep a tally on my whiteboard to remind me of what I have completed that week. I aim to push myself to achieve a higher tally every week.


2) Get off your f****** phone

Yup, I also need to take my advice because I don't do this enough (not like I do it on purpose though). People often complain that you have limited time to do the things you love or things that matter or even what brings joy and balance to to their lives. But should I ask how you almost seem to get unlimited time to mindlessly scroll through social media? Know that this adds little or no value to your life. 

To improve on this, I set a time limit on my phone for 2 hours per day and twice and aim to go off my phone completely one day a week after work (baby steps guys!). This helped me in finding a balance for my phone usage and also engaging in other stuff that matters.



3) Say "no" (or helllll nooo) when you need to

How will you ever live a balanced life if you say "yes" to activities you don't want to do? That spare time could have been spent on a side hustle you know (ohhhh yessss, I'm guilty of this). That time can as well be spent on something worthwhile, but instead of these activities, you choose to engage in something that does not align with you.

That is why you need to say "no" sometimes, so you can fix them into your schedules. Saying "no" and setting boundaries will honestly not make you stronger as a person, but instead, you'll find both happiness and balance in what you do.


Well, that's about that folks - until the next blog is written that is. I really hope this little piece makes you have a rethink about finding balance in life. I know it can be hard especially when dealing with so many distractions in life, but once you acknowledge the fact that you may need some balance and work towards getting it, then you're already one step ahead of everyone else bby.

Haha wowww. I just glanced through step one and I noticed it was all rainbows and butterflies, but coming to step two, damn, the savage queen used her skills right. You need balance, right? Aha! (I know, I know, "see what I did there")



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